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Pcap.Net is a .NET wrapper for WinPcap written in C++/CLI and C#.
It Features almost all WinPcap features and includes a packet interpretation framework.

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Pcap.Net Features

.Net wrap for WinPcap

  • Getting the list of Live Devices on the local host.
  • Reading packets from Live Devices (Network Devices) and Offline Devices (Files) using the different WinPcap methods.
  • Receiving statistics on the entire capture.
  • Receiving statistics of packets instead of the full packets.
  • Using different sampling methods.
  • Applying Berkley Packet Filters.
  • Sending packets to Live Devices directly or using WinPcap's send queues.
  • Dumping packets to Pcap files.
  • Using Enumerables to receive packets (and LINQ).
Not including:
  • AirPcap features.
  • Remote Pcap features.

Packet interpretation
  • Ethernet
  • ARP
  • IPv4
  • GRE
  • ICMP
  • IGMP
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • DNS
  • HTTP

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